If you are a person with a monthly and permanent income from your country (minimum amount is USD 1,000), for example, a retired person, income from your business company or from the financial system in your country, you can apply, for this residency option in Peru.

This residency is permanent

This visa doesn’t have to be renewed.

With a rentista visa, there’s no need to present any documentation at the airport when you leave Peru for holidays or a visit to your home country.

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If you have a family ( wife or husband, children ) you can extend the visa for them. You’ll need to prove an extra income of US$ 500 per person.

*Restriction: With a rentista visa you’re not allowed to work in Peru.

There are only a few places more beautiful than Peru that can be enjoyed as a rentier. If you want to enjoy your freedom and love of life, you are aiming right.

Contact us here to find out more about all your options and how to start living in Peru without any concern. You may also wish to read this interview with Sergio Vargas, one of the founders of NVC Abogados, about how to obtain a rentista visa.