We are a small boutique law firm based in Lima operating all over Peru. Our focus is set on assistance in all matters of Immigration for your residency in Perú, Tax Assistance, Entrepreneurial Law, Peruvian nationality, the process for your family,  as well as Real Estate. With more than twelve years of experience in Peru, NVC Abogados is the perfect partner to assist you.

We have made your satisfaction our goal, knowing how many details need to be taken into consideration when wanting a perfect new start. As entrepreneurs and immigrants ourselves, we know exactly what has to be carefully analyzed and where we need to be extremely exact. This is what makes us worth your trust.

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Your future home Peru

Peru is a country of opportunities, a historical treasure, a natural phenomenon. By choosing to live your life or build your business in this wonderful country, Land of the Inkas and Pachamama, you are making an excellent choice. We are happy to be by your side when taking this step.

Sergio and his team were absolutely awesome. Setting up my company and getting my visa for Peru took about 3.5 months and was an absolutely hassle-free process. NVC Abogados continue handling all my tax-related stuff which gives me the time to concentrate on my business. I absolutely recommend hiring Sergio if you think of applying to either a rentista visa or a work visa through your own company here in Peru.

Daniela Fries

Sergio and his team have guided me along every step of the process to obtain my CE, set up my business in Cusco, and many legal and administrative hurdles we’ve overcome since then.

Eddy Adrianessens

NVC Abogados is a great and trustful help for the Por Eso! Foundation. Besides helping to establish this Dutch foundation in Peru, Sergio was also a big help in arranging our work visa and is always on our side to guide us through the Peruvian bureaucracy. NVC Abogados gives confidence and is adequate in every area.

Simone Heemskerk – Lima

My name is Nicole and I am the owner of Haku Expeditions and Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking-Peru. My experience with NVC Abogados has been wonderful. Their work is extremely professional and very quick. There is no hassle and everything is clear from the beginning. My business was up and running in 2 months! Although in Peru the cost can seem quite high I think it is worth every penny for the expertise and professionalism involved. I have recommend them in the past and will continue to do so. Amazing service, thank you!

Nicole Koch

I am absolutely thrilled to have Sergio and his staff representing me! They are incredibly professional in every way possible , plus it is my great fortune to consider Sergio a great amigo ….The process has gone so smoothly and I absolutely love it here.I can recommend them highly enough !

Charles Edelman


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