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Get answers from an expert to your questions about immigration, taxes, company law, real estate and NGO’s in Peru. 

During our meeting, you will get detailed professional and personalized legal advice about a topic of your choice:
  1. How to establish residency in Peru (retirement or work visa)
  2. How to apply for Peruvian citizenship
  3. How to start an NGO in Peru
  4. How to buy real estate as a foreigner OR
  5. Taxes and company law

Online consultations can be booked up to two weeks ahead from the current date. 

After you paid, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to our Zoom meeting.

If you decide to hire us for your immigration process within 5 business days after our meeting, we will deduct US$ 50 from our legal fees.

Frequently asked questions

Can I also pay by bank transfer?

Yes, if you live in the US or have a WISE account, you can transfer the amount due to our WISE account within 24 hours of booking your consultation. If you prefer this method of payment, please use this link to choose the day and hour of our meeting

What if 40 minutes are not enough?

That’s no problem. We understand that moving to a new country is a big step and that you may have lots of questions. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to book a second consultation (duration: 30 minutes) for just US$ 50. 

Can we also meet at your office?

Our work requires us to travel frequently and therefore, we are not always in Lima. However, if you prefer to meet in person, please use this link to check if we’re available on your preferred date.