Book a consultation at our office

We are located in the district of Barranco in Lima, Peru

Av. San Martín 625, Dpto 710 

During our meeting, you will get detailed professional and personalized legal advice about a topic of your choice:
  1. How to establish residency in Peru (retirement or work visa)
  2. How to apply for Peruvian citizenship
  3. How to start an NGO in Peru
  4. How to buy real estate as a foreigner OR
  5. Taxes and company law

After you paid, you will receive a confirmation email.If you decide to hire us for your immigration process within 5 business days after our meeting, we will deduct US$ 50 from our legal fees.


Consultations in Lima are possible on Tuesdays,  Wednesdays and Thursdays. They can be booked up to 2 weeks ahead from the current date. If you don’t see any free slots, it means that we’re temporarily not in Lima. In that case, you can either check again one or two weeks later or book an online consultation. Thank you very much for your comprehension. 

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer (American WISE account) , please use this link to choose the date and time for our meeting