What type of visas for Peru are there?

What are the legal documents you need to live in Peru? What is the process like and how long does it take? Read about the new requirements, and papers that you need to bring to Peru. 

NVC Abogados has helped hundreds of clients from more than 45 countries to obtain their residence permit for Peru. Due to more than sixteen years of experience with immigration, we have an excellent connection with the relevant authorities. This broad network ensures that your immigration process will be a smooth and fast one. Besides, we personally help you  with every step and will make sure that you only need to attend the necessary appointments. Our philosophy, it is bassically you smile for the photo, sign the papers and have your finger prints taken.  

Let us do the work for you. Your satisfaction is our priority, we guarantee you the fastest process possible. From the moment, we hand in your documents, you will not have to wait more than 90 days to pick up your Peruvian ID card (carné de extranjería, in Spanish).  

Not sure yet which kind of visa is the best one for you? Here’s an overview of the most common visa types we work with:     

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