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Are you interested in starting your own business in Peru and establishing a liability company?

We assist you in every step while building and growing your business. Whether you aim to export to Europe, import exclusive brands, build up your own little gift-shop or start a school, we’ll be by your side and will make sure you that you have a perfect start. We’ll take care of the legal side so you can concentrate on your customer relations and the things that matter for the success of your new company.

We help you found and register your company in Peru

Peru is a country of opportunities with a bright future and thus a perfect place to start your business. Let us help you with starting and running your own business, becoming your own boss and making an impact.

It normally takes two weeks to create and register a company in Peru. 

However, we have a few companies that are already registered. So if you’re in a hurry, all we need to do is changing the name of the owner. That is possible in 1 – 2 business days and will allow you to start your business activities immediately. 

It’s our philosophy to do everything the easy way. Therefore, our all-inclusive package includes registration of the company, tax number (RUC), legal books, accounting services and tax advice. 

Your company will be a SAC ( Sociedad Anónima Cerrada) which is similar to a LLC in the USA. It is the most frequent type of company in Peru.

Contact us here to have all your questions about company creation answered and let us be part of your project. We will give you all the options, requirements, times and costs in detail.

Company & Visa

Once your company is founded and registered, we can help you obtain a work visa as a CEO of that company. You’ll just need to sign your work contract which we will write out in full for you and hand in at the Department of Labor. Once it is approved, you can apply for a temporary residence permit which will need to be renewed every year and can be changed to a permanent residence permit or citizenship after 2 – 3 years if certain requirements are met. 

Company for location-independent entrepreneurs

If you’re location-independent and looking for a possibility to register your company, Peru is an excellent location. Your corporate tax payments will be minimal and you can easily run your company online while we take care of all the legal stuff here in Peru. Read this interview with Sergio Vargas to find out more about registering a company in Peru as a location-independent entrepreneur. 

I need more information about company registration in Peru

Reading information online is always helpful to get first ideas but everyone’s personal situation is different. Therefore, we offer you an easy way to book a consultation

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  • No matter where you are in the world, the consultation time is shown in your time zone and will take place via Zoom. 
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